About us

1. What type of information do I need to provide?                           Whether your project is small or large we will require a complete set of contract drawings and specifications.(if applicable) Documents can be provided via Hard copies, disc or email. 

2. How large of a project can Iron Artisans complete?                       We can provide a complete set of approval and fabrication drawings for any size project. We are a full service miscellaneous detailing firm, from the first embedded plate to the final glass panel in the monumental stair.

3. Can Iron Artisans provide design detailing as well?                      With the knowledge and experience we have in the industry, providing design work has become part of every project we complete.

4. What is the time frame to complete a project?                                    Depending on the size of the project, we will require a(scope)list of items from our client. That list will be broken down into sequences, from that list we will provide a submittal schedule. Typically we can begin new projects within 1 week of acceptance.

5. Can Iron Artisans provide detailing/fabrication for specific code requirements?Yes, All projects list the required code to follow. Iron Artisans is well versed in all applicable codes including LA County California.